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Creator’s File

Creator’s File is comedian Ryuji Akiyama’s mock interview series produced by CTB Inc. Creator’s File is a monthly serial on the magazine Monthly The Television and also includes videos on the official YouTube channel, books, merchandize, live performances and exhibitions.
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Management Team:

Ryosuke Saegusa, Co-Founder

Saegusa started his career in 2001 at Kodansha, where he spent four years as manga editor and seven years as literature and criticism editor. He co-founded Cork Inc. in 2012. Saegusa left Cork in 2017 to co-found CTB Inc.

Yuma Terada, Co-Founder

Terada started his career in 2005 at Goldman Sachs Japan as a principal investor in real estate and distressed debt. In 2007, he joined a global hedge fund and worked as an equities investor in London and Hong Kong. Terada joined Cork Inc. as Partner in 2013. He left Cork in 2017 to co-found CTB Inc.